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The Experience

The rumors that have been reverberating across South Florida’s nightlife world are true: The famously eclectic dance club is indeed setting up shop in West Palm Beach.

You’ll notice the difference as soon as you step into the full-sized psychedelic 60s-era bus that doubles as a cocktail lounge or relax in the original 727-jet with its refinished 70s-style airline chairs—reminiscent of by-gone days when travel was comfortable and fun. With a fusion of old and new, The Pawn Shop combines kitsch with class, and the result is a super-charged experience in this unique pawn-shop-turned-boutique nightclub.
Since its beginnings in 2003, The Pawn Shop has established itself as a venue that’s edgy, off the wall, and takes chances. The Pawn Shop Night Club is setting a new trend in the West Palm Beach Nightlife by doing our own thing. Come party at The Pawn Shop.

The Pawn Shop Experience

As your eyes adjust to the sparkling array of eclectic objects you see around you, you’ll be treated to the latest music from a variety of the best DJs around, all brought to you with the latest in cutting-edge sound systems and special effects.

Kurt VanNostrand, designer of the Pawnshop Lounge in Miami Beach, has brought his unique style to Palm Beach; with a touch of 60′s glamour and brilliance along with the rising stars of the dance culture. The Pawn Shop features a lively variety of mash up bastard pop, with its modish mix of cool Ibiza style and 60′s hedonism. Beyond the vintage pop art that clearly differentiates us, VIPs are treated like royalty, and the dance floor is laden with sleek bodies. Expect to be dazzled!

A Message From Our Management

The Pawn Shop creators declare, “It is a great opportunity as nothing new has opened up in that area for a while.” Brown feels crowds are growing tired of the EDM, “aggressive dance” music and high-end bottle service scene that has proliferated the area. “Not everyone wants to go out and drop $5,000 dollars on a bottle, some just want to hang out and shoot the breeze with their bartenders.”  

“In The Pawn Shop, we don’t have to book a $10,000-a-night DJ to fill our room, it is more about the atmosphere, listening to good music and relaxing with friends.” The Pawn Shop in West Palm Beach features some of the world’s best entertainment and legendary after-parties till the break of day.


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